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In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, the demand for holistic skill development has never been greater. While traditional curricula excel at imparting foundational knowledge, there exists a vast universe of valuable skills and abilities that remain untapped within our schools’ walls. MiniChess holds unparalleled potential as a catalyst for nurturing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills in learners.

MiniChess is NOT a simple/ordinary chess-coaching program, but it does use many chess-based games as a platform for teaching important skills which are not addressed in the school-curriculum. It does teach learners how to play a good game of chess, as an added benefit.

Michela Da Cal
STUNNING programme, with a STUNNING team! 😍
Marisa van der Merwe
Stunning brain-training program for STEM-skills and Critical thinkskills for 21st Century readiness - a MUST-do weekly program for today's youngsters to flourish in a fast-changing world!!
Wyna Roestorff
Learning through play. MiniChess is die beste program vir vaardigheids-ontwikkeling vir die jongspan. (Brain training expert). Wonderlik om die vrolike gesiggies te sien terwyl hulle speel en leer
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Meet Marene Jooste!

Introducing Marene Jooste! She presently holds the position of CEO and MD at Kwanda Kinetics and has contributed to the SAPIK board for 5 years, serving as one of the two vice-presidents. In addition to her Master's Degree in neuro-sensory-motor development, Marene is...

MiniChess KZN Level 1

MiniChess Level 1 Class of 2023. What a wonderful year we have had! Our MiniChess champs have acquired some valuable skills while having fun! The MiniChess programme is revolutionary in the way we use chess as a tool to teach important STEM skills, THINK skills and...

MiniChess Franchisees Visits Sponsored Programme In Mamelodi

At the 2023 symposium, our national and international franchisees had the privilege of visiting our sponsored program in Mamelodi. They were treated to a tour of the school, engaging with both students and teachers. Lindiwe and Malusi Lekalakala, our dedicated...

MiniChess – Addressing Spatial Backlogs: Nurturing Children’s Development for a Brighter Future

Addressing Spatial Backlogs: Nurturing Children's Development for a Brighter Future Spatial skills, the ability to understand, visualize, and manipulate objects and spaces, play a fundamental role in a child's cognitive development. These skills are vital for various...

2022 In Review

Who can believe that we are at the end of 2022?  After almost 3 years of uncertainty and stresses out of our control, we never thought that we would be sitting here in the middle of December feeling grateful and reminiscing about the past year.  We have been busy and...

2022 MiniChess Franchise Symposium

2022 has been an amazing, yet sometimes challenging year, not only for MiniChess Headoffice but for all our franchisees from across the globe! Last week we had the honor of having most of our franchisees at our new offices in Monumentpark, Pretoria, for our annual...

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Education is the most important gift you can give your child!  Sadly our education system and how our children get taught have not changed, yet the way our children learn and think has.  Jobs and the criteria required to do them have also changed and will continue...

2022 Franchise Symposium School Visit

During the 2022 MiniChess Franchisee Symposium we had the privilege to take some of our franchisees to visit The Mvelaphanda Primary School in Mamelodi.  This is one of the sponsored programs made possible by The Entrust Foundation and Red Path Mining, our partner at...

Safari Primary School visit with Star for Life

Our Entrust Foundation, MiniChess team had the absolute honor to visit the stunning Safari Primary School in Hluhluwe region last week.  Our team met with Lois Peterssen of Star for Life, all the way from Sweden.  A massive thank you to ANEW Hotel who hosted us with...

Home Schoolers Expo – Cape Town

This past weekend MiniChess had the privilege to exhibit at the Cape Town Home Schoolers Expo in Stellenbosch!  There was so much excitement surrounding the MiniChess stand, with people showing a real interest in what the MiniChess programme has to offer and how it...

4 Types of MiniChess programs to choose from:

MiniChess Clubs

Parents register their child/children for weekly MiniChess group-coaching classes, with live face-to-face tutoring of ±45 minutes/class/week.

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In-School Classes

MiniChess-classes are included inside the school’s curriculum and time-table (Face-to-face tutoring) – usually as part of the Math- and/or Entrepreneurship curriculum-cycle.

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Online Classes (Live)

Parents register their child/children for weekly Online MiniChess classes of ±30 minutes/class/week on our dedicated MC-Platform. Parents and students will be pre-introduced onto the MC-Platform.

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Blended-MiniChess Options

Schools and Institutions can register for a variety of Blended MiniChess-programs, to be finalised through consultation, towards implementing the most-suitable model for that specific institution.

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Register YOUR child!

Give your child the winning advantage with this modern 21st Century education program, using clever play-innovations to develop neuropathways for smart minds. The MiniChess StartSmart Entrepreneurs Club is presented online and/or live in weekly group sessions, focussing on 4-10-year-olds.

Global Recognition and Education Innovation

WISE Conference, 2014

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Woman of the Year 2012 Education

Garry Kasparov

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MiniChess and MindCo is implemented in disadvantaged communities as well!
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Kasparov MiniChess Game

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