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About MiniChess

NOTE: It is NOT a simple/ordinary chess-coaching program, but it does use many chess-based games as a platform for teaching important skills which are not addressed in the school-curriculum. It does teach learners how to play a good game of chess, as an added benefit.

4 Types of MiniChess programs to choose from:

MiniChess Clubs

Parents register their child/children for weekly MiniChess group-coaching classes, with live face-to-face tutoring of ±45 minutes/class/week.

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In-School Classes

MiniChess-classes are included inside the school’s curriculum and time-table (Face-to-face tutoring) – usually as part of the Math- and/or Entrepreneurship curriculum-cycle.

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Online Classes (Live)

Parents register their child/children for weekly Online MiniChess classes of ±30 minutes/class/week on our dedicated MC-Platform. Parents and students will be pre-introduced onto the MC-Platform.

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Blended-MiniChess Options

Schools and Institutions can register for a variety of Blended MiniChess-programs, to be finalised through consultation, towards implementing the most-suitable model for that specific institution.

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Give your child the winning advantage with this modern 21st Century education program, using clever play-innovations to develop neuropathways for smart minds. The MiniChess StartSmart Entrepreneurs Club is presented online and/or live in weekly group sessions, focussing on 4-10-year-olds.

Global Recognition and Education Innovation

WISE Conference, 2014

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Woman of the Year 2012 Education

Garry Kasparov

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MiniChess and MindCo is implemented in disadvantaged communities as well!
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Kasparov MiniChess Game

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