During the 2022 MiniChess Franchisee Symposium we had the privilege to take some of our franchisees to visit The Mvelaphanda Primary School in Mamelodi.  This is one of the sponsored programs made possible by The Entrust Foundation and Red Path Mining, our partner at this school.

With approximately 250 children from the community, this school came from humble beginnings but now stands as a pillar of strength within the community.  Children in this area have very little positive influence, so to see what a difference the school and its teachers are making in the area, is incredibly humbling and sometimes emotional for first-time visitors.  Children not only learn and get taught incredible STEM skills through the MiniChess program, but they also get 3 meals a day.  Considering most of the residents in the greater Mamelodi area are living below the breadline, most of these children only get food at school.

Our Franchisees had a really good time interacting with the children, and the guided tour by MiniChess teacher Leon proved to be not only informative but incredibly eye-opening.  All we can say is that we are in awe of the work being done at Mvelaphanda.

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