2022 has been an amazing, yet sometimes challenging year, not only for MiniChess Headoffice but for all our franchisees from across the globe!

Last week we had the honor of having most of our franchisees at our new offices in Monumentpark, Pretoria, for our annual symposium!  This was a special moment for us because our last 2 symposiums had to be online, but this year we were able to have an incredible hybrid event thanks to our Media partners EP Digital SA.

This year started with a school visit at one of our sponsored programmes made possible by The Entrust Foundation, followed by a heartfelt welcome by our Queen in charge Marisa van der Merwe.  We were then honored by a fantastic presentation by Executive Coach and Leadership Developer Cias Ferreira who shared his wisdom with our guests.  We ended the first day with presentations from some of our local franchisees on how MiniChess not only changed their lives but also the lives of people and children in their communities!

Day 2 started with the launch of our MiniChess & Coding programme, developed with the collaboration of our Swedish partners.  We also introduced our franchisees to our new favorite family member, “ROOKIE” the smart bot that will be used as part of the MiniChess & Coding programme!  We were blessed with an incredible Marketing presentation by the CEO of EP Digital SA (Emanuel Pietersen) and the COO of EP Digital SA (Jacques Tomlinson), sharing their wisdom on the various ways to market including Social Media.

Our very own Michela da Cal finished the symposium off with a fantastic financial presentation and proved why she is such an asset at our head office!