We were so excited when our Queen, Marisa van der Merwe agreed to do one of the Level 1 lessons at Laerskool Du Preez van Wyk in Bronkhorspruit, herself!

Ready for action was our learners who learned eagerly about The King and Pawn through all 7 learning styles in the lesson!  They had fun and got to play on the big mat using their bodies to illustrate the different movements the King and Pawn can and can’t make.  Marisa also used the magnetic board to take what they learned on the mat, and apply it.  Visually taking in what they learn along with the role-playing and storytelling, makes it so much easier for the learners to not only grasp the concept of chess and its various pieces, but they learn so many 21st century STEM skills  such as:

  • Critical thinking (and thinking ahead)
  • Strategic planning
  • Teamwork and socialising
  • Sportsmanship
  • Patience and managing expectations, to name a few

The learners at Laerskool Du Preez van Wyk might be a small group, but they have massive personalities and passion, filling the room with every lesson!  They are super eager to learn and we can already see a major difference in confidence!!!!

See our gallery below: