MiniChess Franchise


As a MiniChess Franchisee, you will own a business in the Education & Training sector – the fastest-growing sector globally, as people, upskill & reskill for a time of fast-changing world demands.

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START-up is Easy and Economical

  • All start-up training and materials included – allowing you to open your doors for business immediately

  • No need for any pre-knowledge, or to rent a venue, employ staff or carry stock

  • Offers an independent, flexi-time work schedule

What you need MiniChess Franchise

What YOU need to be SUCCESSFUL

  • You need to be a people person – enjoy working with children, parents, schools, and communities.

  • Good communicator – at least fluent in English

  • Must have own transport as well as a home office space with computer and internet-connection

  • Good organizer, to manage people and events

  • Energetic, reliable, and committed to growing your own business

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You will deliver a PRIORITY-service to parents of young children

  • The award-winning MiniChess program (focused on 4-9 year-olds), uses clever game innovations to teach critical skills which are NOT in the school curriculum. Students are having FUN while developing their brains with holistic-integrated neuro-based learning: critical thinking, entrepreneurial mindset, improved STEAM-skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) as well as grit/resilience and an EQ (Emotional-Intelligence) toolkit.

These are all 21st Century skills for our children to thrive in the time of smart machines.

  • Flexible options: Present MiniChess-classes In-school OR Online OR at MiniChess Clubs, either with weekly classes OR holiday Bootcamps OR with customized client arrangement.
  • Modern parents are searching for better and more relevant education in SA and globally.
  • Serves both self-paying clients (schools & parents) and sponsored communities (with Corporate support in collaboration with The Entrust Foundation)

Franchisee Support MiniChess Franchise

STAR Franchisee-support & INNOVATIVE Business structures

  • Strong brand-based marketing support, marketing materials, and marketing training
  • Back-office desk: admin and fin-admin support
  • Our program includes a network of QA and mentoring
  • Annual Franchisee Symposium & Franchisee Leader Tribe
  • Accredited FASA-member, implementing FASA structures for ethical business
  • Globally accredited MiniChess programme, registered MiniChess IP & Brand
  • Choice: acquire FULL Franchise-rights for a region OR SUB-Franchise rights at very affordable rates

We would love to meet you!  Please fill in the form below and we will arrange an online meet and greet at a time best suited for you!