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Business Franchise Opportunities Available!

MiniChess is a Franchise business-opportunity in the Education and Training sector – focussing on critical Human Capital development for the fast-changing 21st Century: The 4th Industrial Revolution.

The MiniChess Franchise takes its place as a highly-accredited programme education-innovation, towards enhancing 21st Century education-relevance – it is presented both extra-curricular as well as inside the school time-table AND in both self-paying and disadvantaged communities.

This business serves the clear purpose of empowering education-enrichment towards building Entrepreneurial thinking skills from the early ages – including higher-order thinking skills, socio-emotional toolkit and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)-skills.


  • Flexi time
  • Excellent remuneration
  • Sustainable growth potential
  • Support structures: Business development, Marketing & Admin
  • Very reasonable start-up opportunity
  • Countrywide Franchise-territories available
  • Early Childhood Development impact
  • Empowering start-up with training and all equipment – no pre-knowledge needed

MiniChess Education-Innovation

MiniChess is an early educational transformation program that makes a significant difference in children’s lives at a very early age (4-9 years) using chess as a tool to develop these children’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) skills.

NOTE: It is NOT a simple/ordinary chess-coaching programme, but it does use many chess-based mini-games as a platform for teaching important skills which are not addressed in the school-curriculum. It does teach learners how to play a good game of chess, as an added benefit.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Collaboration for long-term vision

Sponsors and Universities are interested in the benefits of the Learning-through-Play’ MiniChess program. MiniChess is implemented in self-paying communities through in-community partners, AND ALSO in disadvantaged communities in collaboration with the Entrust Foundation, community- and business-leaders, as well as other NGO/PBO’s, towards sustainable long-term, quality-based, education-benefit and skills development for in-community entrepreneurship.

Valued Sponsors & Partners