Children of the Dawn, Ermelo: “In addition to the improvement in the school results, valuable life skills are being provided in the latter years of Minichess, e.g. planning, control of emotions and strategizing skills. These are skills that the learners would not necessarily learn in the normal school environment and cannot be captured in the school results.”

Under the supervision of an accredited Minichess Teacher, we have been dispensing the Minichess programme to over 50+ learners from Grade R to 7, for whom we are monitoring their school results.

In 2014, we had 24 participants from grades R-3 and 33 participants from grades 4-7.In 2015, up to 53 learners received weekly Minichess lessons. Not all learners consistently attended every week, because attendance is voluntary. The Grade R-3 group has generally only had 1 year of Minichess training, while most of the Grade 4-7 group of the learners have had 2 years of Minichess training. We managed to gather over 80% of school reports for children attending Minichess in 2015, more than 2014.