Introducing Marene Jooste! She presently holds the position of CEO and MD at Kwanda Kinetics and has contributed to the SAPIK board for 5 years, serving as one of the two vice-presidents. In addition to her Master’s Degree in neuro-sensory-motor development, Marene is a dedicated SNAP consultant specializing in supporting autistic children. She has undergone advanced training in Integrated Learning Therapy and is a proficient Wise Eye Reading Therapist.

Beyond her roles in the field, Marene is a versatile professional, excelling as an entrepreneur, blogger, and content/course creator. Her expertise extends to conducting workshops and delivering talks, having engaged with over 1,500 teachers. Notably, at the 2023 MiniChess Franchise Business Symposium, Marene captivated our franchisees with her vibrant energy and valuable insights, making her an instant success.